Boris and Valentina Bergen with Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea, have finally been able to welcome their first new missionaries.

This new missionary family waited almost two years before they were allowed to enter the Philippines and everyone is very happy that they have arrived. Thank you for your prayers.

Boris and Valentina are helping them settle in so that they can start their language and culture studies soon.

Please also pray that they will adjust well and that the children will soon feel comfortable living in the Philippines.

With the entry of this family, they are encouraged that the next families will soon receive a special permit and be allowed to enter the country.

Please pray with them that these families will also get their special permission and for their remaining time in their home countries, that they can be an encouragement and a blessing to others. Pray for a German and an American family that will hopefully arrive in the Philippines in mid-March, so they are about to pack up all their belongings and say goodbye. Pray that they and their children can have good last weeks in their home countries.

Boris and Valentina are excited that a family who are on the mission leadership in the Philippines are planning to move to their town this month. They will work with them in taking care of these families. Pray for them as a team that they get along well and have an open and God-glorifying relationship with one another.

Valentina’s sister is joining them in the Philippines to help home school their boys so that Boris and Valentina both have the mornings to help the newly arrived families. Please pray for her as she prepares for such a completely different life experience.