En route to Papua New Guinea

Although it wasn’t easy to leave friends and family in England, the couple are amazed at how gracious God has been in providing for them. He has sorted out every single worry and concern they had before going.

God quickly provided Chris with two wonderful language helpers who have helped him make more progress in Norwegian than he ever thought he could. Although the more difficult parts of grammar can still be frustrating, and it’s never fun to make the same mistakes again and again, he is now at the point where he can take understand and communicate a lot.

Another concern Chris and Ingrid had before they went to Norway was how Chris could legally stay in Norway for a full year without a job (and how to get a job without knowing Norwegian!). However, God worked it all out, and Chris is now free to stay for the rest of the year whilst continuing to study Norwegian full time!

When they first arrived in Norway, Ingrid got a number of shifts at a local nursing home. Then God opened the door for her to work as an accountant for a Norwegian inland mission. This job has been perfect for her, as accounting is her profession and she loves it. It has also been really good to have a sit-down job, as they are expecting their first child mid-July!

In terms of ministry, Chris and Ingrid were wondering and praying about for who or what God would have them to invest their time. Then came a request from two friends who have many questions and wanted somebody to teach them through the Bible! What an answer to prayer. Now the four of them are meeting up two to three times a month and going through the Bible together.

All these things and more had been worries and concerns on Chris and Ingrid’s minds before coming to Norway, and God sorted every single thing out for them! Looking back, they are so thankful, and looking forward, they know God can be trusted with their future as well!

At the moment, Chris and Ingrid are praying and thinking about whether having a baby this summer should affect their plans to leave for the field in January 2018. There is a lot of paperwork to be done, jabs to be had and plans to be made. Please pray for wisdom as they seek God for His will in this.
Thank you for praying for Chris and Ingrid. God is moulding them and preparing opportunities for the Gospel to spread both in Norway and in PNG!

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