Empty nothing

The Kendawangan people are a people group that is located in Asia-Pacific. The people refer to their language as the Puang language which means “empty, nothing“. There are estimated 15,000 -20,000 Puang speaking people and are still considered to be “unreached“. The Kendawangan people are animists. Their culture is closely tied to the spirit world and this affects their everyday life. Because of their fear of the spirits they do everything to please them, to avoid sickness and death and other disadvantages. Mixed into the animistic belief system is another strong religious influence. This syncretistic mixture is a huge challenge in reaching them with the truth from the Word of God.
Over the last couple of years, God put together a team to make the Gospel accessible to the Puang speaking people. Reaching the Kendawangan people is a huge task. There is a lot of work that can’t be done by just one person. Also part of the outreach team are prayer supporters.
The missionary team are the Ullum‘s; Tim and Andrea, Dina and Abby; the Pries‘; Paul and Irene, Hannah and Pascal; the Svoboda‘s; Phil and Shelley, Nadia and Quinn.
Please pray for the Kendawangan people. They planned to teach the first lesson last week. The people are quite curious as to the reason why the missionaries are there. Even though they have explained to them numerous times, it is still a mystery to them. The team hopes that this first lesson will help them to understand better.
They also hope and pray that after this first teaching there will be enough interest so they will return and listen again. It is very much against the culture to commit to anything that is longer than a couple of days, and committing to listening to over seventy lessons will require a miracle from the Lord.
Pray that the the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to the fact that they are lost and need a Saviour.

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