Emotional Roller Coaster

It has been an emotional roller coaster for them because they now know what it feels like to be “normal” South African citizens. They went through all the trials of house finding, setting it up, finding a vehicle, sorting out schools, looking for the closest shopping centre, getting food-cupboards filled, surviving the heart attacks of food and petrol prizces etc, etc.
It’s not like PNG where neighbours are best friends and free bananas are regularly delivered to your door and they are lonely at times but they can testify to the greatness of God every step of the way. They have met incredible people that God has sent their way, just when they needed them.

Madeleen loves her new school. They are so proud of her! She loves her friends and is taking the whole school thing very seriously!
Even though Marie and Madeleen were working on lower grade things, the school decided to move her up a few grades, and this is doing her self-esteem good.
Unfortunately it didn’t work out for Naomi and Marlou to go to a school. They were disappointed and are still trying to get on their feet with the new home school curriculum.
It’s taking lots of Marie’s time, since she has to act as teacher, giving lessons. They are enrolled at a Christian school for sport, so three times a week they play netball!

Lourens and Marie found a church they can call home for the year. One of their main aims for the year is to be fed spiritually. They are thankful for a family of believers, encouraging them and accepting jungle citizens as their friends.
They are extremely grateful to all their supporters.

In the bush their co- workers, Dave, Judy, Becky and Keri are still ploughing forth faithfully. Dave sends them weekly updates and everything is going really well. Lourens and Marie miss being personally involved in the believers’ lives, but are thankful for a faithful God and their co-workers!
Their plan is to return to PNG next year in March/April. They will try and enjoy the ice cold weather ahead of them, their first winter in seven years!

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