Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach, serve in Liberia, West Africa, among the Glarro people.

Currently, they are going over the drafts of the last New Testament lessons with their editing group. Then they will go back and fix the first three lessons that they had previously done. They are quite rough, because Aaron’s Glarro was still very needy when he started writing Bible lessons.

Patrick, their translation helper, has come a long way in learning some computer skills. He is still a bit clumsy with the mouse, but he gets more and more independent and is not afraid to try/click on something new. They hope that he soon would be able to work more on his own and even transcribe some Glarro audio recordings as well.

Amy’s afternoon literacy classes are going well. Although some days only half of the kids show up and on other days, everyone is there and there are even some bystanders looking through the window, distracting the class. That is the challenge of the class being on a voluntary basis!

Their co-worker Lesley, who has had a bad case of hepatitis, is recovering slowly, yet still faster than expected. She is not sure yet whether to go back to the village after recovering or take a bit of a longer break somewhere else first.

Aaron took their co-workers to the nearby airstrip last week, who then flew to Monrovia, from where they headed to the USA for their home assignment. That leaves Aaron and Amy holding the fort until their visitors arrive in August. However, this week they plan to take a long weekend and visit some friends in a town. Pray for safety in travel. They hope to rest up a bit and to be an encouragement to their friends.

Praise the Lord:

– That their co-worker Lesley is recovering from hepatitis.

– For the strength, He has given them as a team, to work and make progress.

Please pray:

– For wisdom for Lesley, in what should be her next step in the recovery process.

– That Aaron and Amy will have a refreshing time with their friends and be a mutual encouragement to each other during their long weekend trip.

– That their co-workers the Burkheads will have a refreshing time in the USA during their home assignment.