Easter weekend

A special aspect of this year’s conference was that it was held in a new location. Even though the village was a bit difficult to find, and Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen weren’t always exactly sure if they were going in the right direction, they were excited to see the believers spreading out to new areas.

Ragnar and Elizabeth made their way up the rough, winding, steep and narrow road in time to join them for breakfast on the first day. They went prepared to munch on rice for breakfast, lunch and supper. Boiled bananas, and sweet potatoes came with their coffee at break time.

The topic this year was the Deity of Christ – they saw how it is shown throughout the whole Bible. It was proven over and over again in the Gospels, Acts, Hebrews and Colossians. They just love how they continue to soak up God’s Word and their desire to be more like their Master.

One of the afternoon activities was to play some games in teams. Following that the groups met together to discuss their strategies used and see how they could apply them to their involvement in the church – depicting the need to work together to get the big job done.
Ragnar and Elizabeth were very thankful for time with the believers that they seldom see, one on one talks in the afternoon, casual chats as they were eating their meals and bonding together as a group.

The Conference came to an end with the Lord’s Supper. For Ragnar and Elizabeth it was beautiful
to hear person after person stand to thank God for sending His Son to pay for their sins. It was an amazing way to close the time together – people from nine different churches, from three spread out areas, talking to the Saviour from the bottom of their hearts.

Thank you so much for praying for Ragnar and Elizabeth as they work among these dear people.

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