Easter conference

Missionaries Levi and Robyn Lenz and Daniel and Rachel Hulley thank you for praying! Now, praise God with them!

One night, Robyn looked into the area where they were serving out all of their food, there were about twenty of their village folk in there, some holding plates so the ladies could dish out the food, some holding lights so they could see, some taking food tickets etc., and all working together for the glory of God.

The village folks also really helped by not bringing problems to the conference. Some offered their homes to house those attending the conference.

Despite many dangers, all had safe journeys even though some arrived after dark.

Pray for one of the Bible teachers at this time, who has some flu-like symptoms and is feeling pretty rough right now (as was Daniel and some of the boys).

Praise God for this time and all the answers to prayer.

In about two weeks, the team hope to begin a Phase 1 outreach into a neighbouring village where one of our believers lived before he recently died from liver cancer. His dying wish was for his people to hear the Word of God that he had only heard about just before Christmas and had believed upon it in faith.

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