Eager to read Genesis

In the village where Lív ministers in West Africa, there were no signs of Christmas. The children were on Christmas break, but most of them did not know what it is all about. The missionary team usually do a small celebration for those that attend the Bible teaching, and since they usually meet on Monday evening, it fell on Christmas day this year. They read the Christmas story from the Gospels and her co-worker gave a message about the reason for celebrating Christmas. After that, they had coffee, bread and lemonade. They also gave out tangerines, which most of them had not seen before. There were a lot more children than usual, since they were expecting that there would be something special. Pray that the message that they heard will speak to their hearts.

The consultant check of Genesis, and the first six chapters of Daniel that the young translator has translated, went very well. Thank you so much for praying.

In December, Lív went to the capital to take care of some paperwork, and while she was there had the books of Genesis and Daniel printed.

Several of those in the village that are able to read have been expectantly waiting to read Genesis. Please pray for one particular young man as he reads Scripture, that the Lord will draw him to Himself, and that he will choose to follow the truth.  Also, pray for the Lord to give wisdom to the missionaries in answering the questions that he might have.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Lív wishes a blessed new year to you all.