Dry weather needed

For the last six days, Chris Hughes and a small build team have been in Mamusi, Papua New Guinea, working on building his family’s house. They have the posts set (completed during the previous trip), the bearers, flooring and two outside walls up. However, it has been raining so much over the last couple of days that it has been hard to make good progress. Ingrid, Chris’s wife back at the mission base received a message from Chris earlier this morning saying:

“You’ve gotta get as many praying as possible about this rain. It is a steady rain and it’s gonna ruin our floor if it continues. It is slowing the work to the point that we will not get the house dry inside if it continues. In addition, it is cold, wet, and morale is sapping. If we get just a few sunny days we can get the walls up and the roof on; at which point it can rain as much as it likes. Get people praying…”