Dry season

Last week, Alessandro and Chantal met a believer who is beginning a new ministry of drilling wells.
The main difference between a dug well and a drilled well is that a drilled well is deeper and gets its water from a ground water vein. The quantity and quality of the water is superior to that of a dug well. There’s no risk of running out of water. Specialised equipment is required to drill a well and therefore it is much more expensive.

They would like to do this drilled well in April as they will be doing other wells in the same region. It would be a good time to do it, as they would avoid the risk of running out of water during the dry season. However, the month of April is almost here and they have to give an answer soon.

Alessandro and Chantal are asking God to guide them in this decision. Join with them in this adventure and this ministry through prayer.

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