Drawn to the Word

At the end of September, missionaries left the Wey village in West Africa to attend workshops in Senegal and did not return until the beginning of November. However, they were unable to re-start teaching immediately because everyone was very busy with harvesting. Finally, mid-December they started the teaching in two locations. The first lesson was a recap of all the lessons that they had previously taught. The number of people that came to the first lesson since they re-started was smaller than they expected in both locations. They hope to teach at each location at least once a week, but there seems to be several interruptions that make this difficult for them. Pray that the people will not forsake the Word of God but be drawn to it. There are many other things grabbing their attention; pray that coming out to the teaching will be a priority for them.

Several deaths have taken place recently in the village. It is sad that they have no real hope and do not know for sure where their loved ones go after death. The missionaries long to tell them that Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life and that He has prepared a place for them where there is no more death, sickness or crying. Revelation 21:4

Thank you so much for your prayers during 2021 and ongoing partnership in 2022.