“Doors of the Bible” is the series being taught at Faith Bible Church in the Philippines on Sunday mornings. This series is the result of Stephen and Ginger Jordan and family’s visit to the Ark Encounter in the USA during 2021.

The five doors they are teaching are:

The Door of the Ark

The Passover Door

The Door of the Sheep Pen

The Door of the Tomb

The Door of Eternal Life

This short series is an evangelistic opportunity to share the Good News with visitors and hopefully strengthen the faith of the Agutaynen believers in the Philippines. This series will be the lessons for the Bible Camp in April.

About a month ago, they asked the other church leaders and their wives about hosting a Bible Camp, not just for their village, but also for the next village and the nearby town where the teens and young adults go to school.  In Stephen and Ginger’s minds, they thought it could be a great opportunity to invite classmates and friends who live outside of the village. To their surprise, the leaders and their wives immediately asked about inviting the whole county that their village resides in! They have entered the door of the unknown.  Who will come?  How many will come?  The believers have already started visiting the local churches in town to talk to the pastors and invite their church to join this Bible Camp for singles (12 to 25 years old). They will also encourage the believers to advertise this event on their social media. Please pray as they enter this door of opportunity, that those who attend will choose to enter the door of eternal life through faith in Jesus alone.

In under three months, the Jordan family will be making a quick trip back to the USA to settle their son, Luke, at Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Wisconsin. Pray for them in this time of transition.

Thank you for your partnership through prayer.