Doors of opportunity

Last month Barrie Williamson was privileged to visit a nearby country to the northwest of Singapore. This country is slowly but gradually emerging from it’s difficult past. There are still places that have limited access for non-residents. But despite many difficulties, the loving arms of Jesus are reaching out through his Church, bringing comfort and showing compassion to the needy.
While there, Barrie met with people from various agencies and heard some heart-wrenching stories of people in poverty. He was privileged to speak to a group of believers in a small church where among those present were children from the nearby slums, all HIV positive.
Barrie and Cherri believe the doors of opportunity are open for NTM to assist the Church in this country. Pray both for labourers and for means to enter that will provide platforms for long-term ministry among the various language groups.
Cherri has been to see a neurologist to try to get some answers and help regarding the long-term problem she has with using her eyes. All they know is that there is some vestibular disorder (inner-ear dysfunction) that is made worse when she focuses her eyes on anything close. Reading for too long is very uncomfortable for her. So far, they have no answers, and the medication she was given has not helped. Please keep praying for her.
Barrie and Cherri leave for the USA (San Diego area) on December 16 to spend Christmas with Cherri’s parents. In early January, they will fly to Florida for a three day visit with David (their son) and Melissa and boys, whom they haven’t seen for a year. They are presently serving at the NTM USA headquarters. They will really miss not being with Jodi (their daughter) and Jason and children (who are serving in Indonesia). They leave the USA mid-January to return to Singapore.

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