Don’t stop praying

There was a crowd of about five-hundred people at the Pawaian Bible conference. Jack and Isa enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting believers from other parts of the tribe that they had never met before. These would be second and third generation believers – the fruit of the labours of the Pawaians. There was also a good number of ‘backsliders’ who had returned to their walk with the Lord. As one of the elders stated, it seemed to be a time of reaping after a lot of sowing.
Unfortunately, Jack picked up a tummy bug and had to go out for medical treatment at the HQ site near Goroka. Fortunately, an MAF flight came in to take passengers to Goroka and Jack was able to climb aboard. He was very grateful for the loving care he received from the medical staff at the HQ.
Isa stayed in the village while Jack was being treated but she was not short of caring company. One man insisted that his wife should stay overnight with Isa while Jack was away. This lady enjoyed her first bucket shower and absolutely loved the ‘smelly’ talcum powder applied afterwards! Oh the joys of civilisation.
The Pawaians gave Jack and Isa strict instructions to “Tell those people in England, America, Canada and Australia not to stop praying for us”.

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