Done with house building

Before the start of house building Ben and Wina often wondered how they would be able to accomplish it all. Looking back they stand in wonder at how God always brought along the right people at the right time and how He gave them the encouragement and strength that they needed. Now they need to prepare themselves for a new chapter of our lives: to learn the Uneapa language!
Several weeks ago a team of three missionaries visited Bali island to go through with the team some important steps of the first half-year of language learning. It was a very encouraging time because their missionary training is a few years back already. Together they went step by step through the whole process and were able to ask many questions and receive lots of tips and advice.
Each week Benjamin will spend 40 hours and Wina will spend 20 hours learning language. These hours will be divided up into 4 categories:
Plan (what learning will look like for that day/week), Participate (in various cultural events), Process (their pictures and recordings), Practice (alone at the computer but also everyday with the people).
During the first two months they’ll try to speak as little as possible in order to tune their ears to the language. Pray with them for patience as language and culture learning can be a lengthy process (possibly two years) and also for wisdom in how to juggle all their various responsibilities and integrate them into their daily lives: language learning, family life, team, relationship with the Lord, relationship with friends and contacts – all that and not to get physically or emotionally worn out.

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