On Friday morning there was drunkenness nearby. The church had planned to meet on Friday night but that was changed to Saturday night and then the fellowship time did not happen either. Instead those living near-by had a party, killed a pig and were up most of the night feasting, talking and laughing with loud music and a small generator running. Paul and Susan lay in bed but did not sleep much. So the plans moved to Sunday morning. They cooked 2 kilos of rice and made 50 rice balls. A few others brought cooked sweet potatoes. They had a good time of singing, prayer and praise and the Gende Bible teacher went through the crucifixion narrative helped by another believer and Paul. Afterwards they had a rice ball, half a sweet potato and a cup of sweet milky coffee each and then watched the Jesus film. Some cried. One man could hardly watch as the soldiers mistreated his beloved Lord Jesus. He put his head down and cried at the pain given to the sinless son of God. As Jesus hung on the cross he said ‘that was for our sins’. It was very moving. Outside not far from their house, people were recovering from the revelling of the previous night and had formed groups for gambling.
Some believers weren’t able to attend; nevertheless they were a good happy fellowship on Easter Sunday. Many of the young people have trusted in Christ and Paul and Susan continue to pray for those who are not yet saved. They are challenged every week with the Gospel.
Due to the distractions, only five young people attended on Friday evening for the youth group. Paul and Susan thought that maybe they wouldn’t have a Bible study. This was unthinkable for the teens who said “Teach us Paul from God’s Word.” Recently a guitar was bought, so now various teens are trying to learn the chords, so pray for patience for Paul and Susan.
Paul and Susan wish they could bring every one of you in to their meetings just once. Last week an older lady gave testimony of how delighted she was the week before, thinking about going to heaven when she dies because she is trusting in the Saviour.
A believer has agreed to help Susan with Bible translation and they have worked on a couple of narrative stories from Luke. They have now completed the first chapter of 1st Thessalonians. Susan would appreciate prayer as she does not have much confidence to do this work anymore and it takes time to train someone.

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