Discipleship Trip

For Ralf and Elli Schlegel with Naomi, Rebekka and Mimi, their time on home assignment in Germany is slowly coming to an end, or is it? They were and still are planning on returning to PNG in August this summer but right now they just do not know if that will be possible. Right now the borders of PNG are closed and to find tickets to fly back is very hard or even impossible. As soon as a door (or border and flight) opens, they will be ready to go. Please pray that things will work out for them to get back to PNG soon if that is what the Lord wants for them!

Their co-workers flew back on their home assignment earlier than planned. Please pray for them as they are still deciding and waiting to see what awaits them during their time in the USA. Their other co-workers are in PNG. They are working hard to keep the church planting efforts going whilst working in personnel and consulting for many families in their home school situations. Please also pray for them as they home school their two boys, because the mission school is closed. Pray for the church plants and all the missionaries there that they would stay protected from complications and the virus itself!

Just recently, Ralf and Elli were able to talk to their co-workers over Skype and hear some good news about the Dinangat church! About a month ago, the two elders and five Bible teachers were able to make a trip to another village that has an older church plant. The leaders and believers there have many years of church life experience and were thrilled to welcome the leaders into their place for ten days to encourage, teach and disciple them. During that time the Dinangat leaders were able to meet different leaders of that village to sit down and learn from them. They talked about marriage, child raising, discipleship, church discipline, teaching and other similar topics. They were also able to ask many questions and hear and learn from older PNG church leaders like they have never been able to before. They returned super encouraged and totally motivated. With the Lord‘s help they now desire to put many of those things that they learned into practice. Please pray for them that they would stay encouraged and motivated and that they will see the Dinangat church continue to grow and mature as a body that glorifies and honours God!

Until Ralf and Elli can return to PNG they continue to work on the Dinangat Bible translation, and are slowly getting ready to leave whenever the Lord allows and are also enjoying this beautiful spring time with their whole family!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support, it is really appreciated.