Jason Williamson and André Tousch were able to spend a good long month at the first Iski village to receive the teaching, working closely with the church there. Much time was spent in disciple-making training and lesson writing training with the Bible teachers. In the past, the teachers would use the word for word lessons written by the missionaries in the Iski language. Currently the church is being taught again through the book of Romans. Every week, Jason and André met with them and walked them through a passage, talked about how it fits into the larger scope, discussed the problem passages and main points, and then the men wrote their own lesson and taught it. This is totally new territory for them, however so far they have loved the process and are learning so much, and they are really doing amazing!

Disciple-making is a huge need for the church right now. During a recent trip to church plant, Jason was encouraged by what he saw. One of the Bible teachers had been discipling a believer who responded by making other disciples in his family. There is a long way to go before other believers catch the fire of disciple-making. Pray for boldness for others to follow their lead.

The Iski NT translation project continues to move along well. Currently with all the completed portions and the drafted portions combined, they are at 86% of the NT! The drafting and recording of the Gospels of John and Luke, and 1 & 2 Peter and 2 Timothy is finished. Jason’s wife Nisae has also been able to help by doing the Back to English translation of Revelation.