For Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach who are serving God among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa, the last couple of weeks were rather uneventful.

Aaron has had a low-grade fever with fatigue and a bloated stomach, which could be due to a parasite; he is now taking some medicine that seems to be helping. He has been able to continue to work on Bible lessons most days.

Currently they are making changes to some Bible lessons in which they feel that not everything will be communicated clearly. Their co-worker Lesley has put quite some effort towards this and given them valuable input. Amy has made some discoveries in her discourse analysis of the Glarro language, which is encouraging for her. It is quite incredible some of the features that languages have and how they actually work. They praise the Lord for the direction and help He has given both in developing lessons and in the discourse analysis.

Pray for them as they continue writing Bible lessons in Glarro that God will lead and guide them in making the lessons clear and understandable.

Last week, one of Aaron’s helpers went down with malaria. His other helper, left unexpectedly to visit his sick mother in another Glarro village. The material that Aaron wants to go over with them has been piling up.

Aaron thanks the Lord that He is in control, even when things do not go the way expected or envisioned.

Amy just restarted her evening literacy classes with some younger women. The work on their farms has slowed down a bit, so they have some time now they can give to learning how to read and write. Pray for the ladies attending, that they would be able to quickly learn to read, so that they can soon read the Bible in their own language. Pray for patience and wisdom for Amy as she teaches them.

Pray that the ladies that Amy recently re-started doing the Bible comprehension checking with, would understand it clearly and that God’s Word would speak to their hearts. She is currently reading the first few chapters of the Gospel of John.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron, Amy and the Glarro. They are thankful to the Lord for showing them their need to depend on Him in everything. Pray that they will live for God’s glory under all circumstances.

“Pray that I will proclaim this message as clearly as I should.”  (Col 4:4)