Difficult times

The young man was so close to hearing the Gospel. Some people said to André and Aurélie : “He died too soon. Soon we are going to hear God’s word, but he won’t. We don’t know where his spirit is gone. Once we hear God’s word we will die in peace; but we are afraid of dying now.”
This is a difficult time but it also helped André and Aurélie get closer to the people, to understand them a bit more and to know more about their beliefs.
Very soon a language consultant will come to check Aurélie and Nisae on their language ability, and to check their team on culture. Then three literacy consultants will come for a week and they will start writing primers for literacy! André and Aurélie are really happy to be nearing this important milestone.
After the consultant visits André and Aurélie and family will have a two weeks break. First they’ll go to Madang to see Steve and Gerdine Stanley, friends from the training at North Cotes. Then they will go to Goroka and get a break from the heat!

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