Difficult days

These past few months have been difficult for the nation where David and Chris Price live in Asia-Pacific, with earthquakes, a tsunami and a major plane crash. The manner and time frame of these occurrences have been a big shock for their local friends and national resources have been severely stretched in order to meet the resulting immense needs.

Thankfully, local and international NTM/Ethnos360 workers could be taken to places of safety without any loss of life or major injury.

Pray that recent events will cause people to think seriously about eternity and God.

Also, pray that those Christians who are in strategic positions due to ongoing relief efforts, particularly in the Palu area, will have both the wisdom and the courage to share the Gospel when the Lord prompts.

As Christmas approaches and the many different celebrations begin in earnest, David and Chris will need extra wisdom and stamina to know which events they should attend and which ones it would be ok to give a miss. Sometimes it can be very complicated navigating through some of the cultural expectations at this time of year.

David has begun to work on the complicated process of gaining a short stay visa to enter the UK next year. Chris says it would be great if she did not have to undertake this leg of their home assignment by herself as she did back in 2014. Pray that his visa will be granted.

Pray that the staff at the hospital where David and Chris work, will experience a renewed trust in the Lord as their Saviour and Provider in all aspects of hospital life.