God brought Adrian and Evelyn Jotter and their young family safely to the Philippines in March. This month they are finally experiencing more of what they have been preparing for since the summer of 2017.

This week they have flown to Mindanao, the island where they plan to live long-term. One of their first tasks will be to look at five different rental houses.
Pray that the Lord will guide their priorities with regard to which house would best suit their family’s needs and for safety and also guidance in decision-making during any work and refurbishment of the house.

Pray that as a family they will adjust well to life on Mindanao and that they will soon feel at home there.

Pray that they are able to build good relationships with Filipinos that in time will deepen.

During the next weeks, they will meet many people whose help they are dependant on in order to learn their language and culture.