Departure is at hand

After almost three years in the UK Daniel and Rachel Hulley’s departure for Papua New Guinean is at hand. Their visas have been granted, work permits obtained, vaccinations almost up to date and tickets bought. They plan to travel to PNG at the end of June. They will be living on the mission base at Goroka for a few months getting Rebekah settled into school life and for them all to adjust to life in general.

During the next two months they have a lot to do to wrap up three years of living in the UK. House to empty and put on the rental market, church speaking engagements, buying list for PNG, hard goodbyes, the list goes on. Please pray for Rachel in particular that she will have the strength to get all the tasks done in a timely manner and for that they would know the Lord’s leading as they transition back to a different culture and language.

Their youngest daughter, Rebekah, will also be going with Daniel and Rachel. She would value prayer as she says goodbye to friends from school and her other siblings who will be staying in the UK. Also prayer for her that she will adjust well at the mission school, find friends there and not find the academic adjustment too difficult. She is excited to go back but sad to leave.

Pray also for Georgia as she moves into her new lodging with a family from their church who live in Cardiff. She’s hoping to start her A-levels in September at the Christian school she was previously attending (if there is space). Pray that she will have a good support network of friends and believers around her who will encourage her to keep her heart true to Jesus. Pray also for all the adjustments she will face and decisions she must make.

They will also be saying goodbye to their son Ben and their daughter-in-law Sierra who have now been married for nine months. Pray that they will grow in their love for the Lord and each other, stay committed to their church body and grow in wisdom in handling all the pressures of life as married students in university. Pray that they will finish this academic year well and pray for healing for Ben’s chronic neck pain.

Finally, Daniel and Rachel want to announce that the Wahgi New Testament is now ready for printing! They had the first printed copy mailed to them a few weeks ago and they are very grateful to the Lord that they are close to getting copies of it into the hands of the Wahgi believers. Their co-worker Levi has worked very hard with all the formatting and adding illustrations and they praise God for all His grace in allowing this huge undertaking to finally reach its completion. Pray that the Word will be read and digested by the Wahgi church and beyond.

If you would like to contribute to the printing and distribution costs, you can send donations to New Tribes Mission earmarked for the North Wahgi Bible translation project. Or alternatively, if you would like to specifically gift a Bible to one of the Wahgi believers, it costs roughly £20 per Bible for printing and shipping. A photo of the recipient with their Bible will be sent to you so you can pray for them. Click here to donate

Thank you for your prayers for Daniel, Rachel and family and for the Wahgi believers. They are glad to be able to go back and see them again but sad to say goodbye to so many beloved friends.

Pray that the Wahgi Church will grow in the Lord and that men and women will step up and lead and not compromise their walk with Him.