Departure date

Karin’s departure date has moved forward from July to March 2015 – this is an answer to prayer. It also means that preparations are ongoing: visa application process, papers, medical appointments, immunisation, travelling and visits etc. On the 10th November, Karin mailed all of the paperwork to Asia-Pacific, so her visa application is on its way. Pray that her visa would be granted.
Karin’s Commissioning Service is planned for 1st March, 2015. This will take place in her home church, the Free Evangelical Church Nuremberg.
At the end of October, Karin drove with a friend to Romania to request her birth certificate. After many years, Karin was very excited to be in her hometown again, where she spent her childhood and youth. It was so special for her to walk up and down the familiar streets, to meet cousins and friends and enjoy their great hospitality, to eat long-missed food, to sit one last time at her former school desk and recall old memories. She now has a birth certificate.
In November, Karin’s church started a beginners’ German language course with some of the immigrants in the church. In this course, Karin can apply the TPR (Total Physical Response) method, learned at North Cotes College. It is such a joy to her to already see the progress after only a few weeks.
Pray that the visa process will go through on time without hindrance and for continued guidance in the preparation process for Asia-Pacific. Also pray that Karin would use her remaining three months in Germany wisely and as she sees family and friends for one last time.

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