Delivering books

Paul and Marina Briggs had to cancel their trip to Ivory Coast in October due to a medical emergency situation with Paul. Since that time, he has had to remain at home, going out only for doctor and dentist appointments. After a series of tests and probes, he was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. This comes on top of diverticular disease. Thankfully, the medication he received has helped to relieve some of the inflammation and discomfort that he had been experiencing. The consultant is determining the timing and type of operation that he will need. Please continue to pray.

Preparations continue for the printing of the Loron New Testament. At the end of November, the translation team spent two weeks checking an updated version of the book of Romans with a translation consultant. The book of Mark has also been revised and will be consultant-checked this year, Lord willing.

These books were originally translated over three decades ago, but since then translation techniques and procedures have been greatly refined, and the Loron believers have been a tremendous help in discovering more appropriate and effective terminology in the language, so Paul and Marina feel it is important to take the time to do this.

Pastor Donald, the main Loron translator, has been developing a detailed glossary and introductions for each book of the New Testament. Other team members are reading through the final draft looking out for anything that will help to improve the translation (e.g. footnotes, spelling, cross references, etc.), and Paul has been doing a thorough check on all the parallel passages in the New Testament to ensure consistency of terminology, etc. There are over 600 sets of parallel passages and phrases for the Gospel of Matthew alone. Pray for the translation team as it completes various tasks and checks over the next few month.

Pray for Paul and Marina’s son-in-law who is planning to go to Ivory Coast this month. He will take three suitcases of Scripture, Bible commentaries and the copies of the working draft of the New Testament for the Loron believers; books that Paul and Marina were planning to take in October. They will be a great help and encouragement to the Loron church.