Hanna Munstermann’s planned date for moving to Asia-Pacific is now November 2015, one year later than she expected. The reason is that there are no slots available at language school. Her arrival could move to July 2015, if someone is unable to take his/her place at the school. Hanna knows that God’s timing is perfect; this is the reason that she can enjoy the additional year in Germany.
Hanna is able to continue working at the Christian primary school; which she sees as a gift from her Heavenly Father. She is still enjoying her work and the school is happy that she can teach for another year. She has reduced her hours at the school so that she can spend more time on projects with NTM Germany and TEAM F.
Joining the NTM Germany team for some seminars with short term missionaries has been a real joy for Hanna. Since her time as a home school teacher she has had this kind of work on her heart. She is able to learn from those who have already worked as home school teachers for a number of years and enjoys being part of the team: teaching a lesson, sharing her personal experiences of home schooling and having debriefings. It is valuable experience for her role in Asia-Pacific as a home school co-ordinator.
Hanna is still preparing lessons for three discipleship groups. She hopes to finish the last four lessons by the end of October. It is hard work but she enjoys learning from God’s Word and passing on to others the things that have helped her to grow. Two groups will finish by the end of the year and the last one by Easter 2015. Pray for wisdom for Hanna and salvation for those that attend.

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