Defining ministry

Knowing that they were heading back to the Faroes, Eli had been looking for a job whilst still in England and started work as a truck mechanic a few days after they arrived home.
Eli and Noomi are renting a house downtown in Tórshavn and are almost finished unpacking all the boxes. They were able to rent the house several months before they arrived home so they did not have to worry about where they were going to live which was a huge blessing.
They are also happy that Eli’s parents are letting them use their car, making their transition back home so much smoother.

Eli and Noomi are looking forward to the birth of their third child in less than a month. Pray for them to have strength and wisdom to raise their children in a way that honours the Lord.
Hadassa and Tabita are doing well. They are adjusting again to life in the Faroes and enjoy having cousins, and two sets of grandparents, nearby.

About a year ago Eli and Noomi were asked to consider working with New Tribes Mission based in the Faroes. Eli and Noomi have been positive about this ministry from the beginning and since their church leadership has given them the “go ahead” they will spend the first year home defining the ministry as well as representing NTM.
They do not know at this point if they will be serving full time, part time or spending evenings and weekends doing work for New Tribes Mission. Pray for them as they seek the Lord’s guidance for their lives.

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