Deepening relationships

Richard and Wendy Rees with Megan, Caleb, Rachel and Karis serve among the Pwo Karen in Thailand where April is the hottest month of the year.

Their village has hydroelectric power and as the level in the stream went down, they had more and more power cuts.  April 1st was their first day with no power at all but now the rains are starting and the weather is cooling down, but the power has not fully come back yet.  They do have some solar panels and they help with lights, charging laptops and phones and some refrigeration, but day after day of hot days without proper electricity make it hard to think straight and get things done.

This year they took a break and visited Richard’s Mum in Japan. This is something they have wanted to do before their older children graduate and move on.  With a bit of planning, a family get together was organised and all of Richard’s eight siblings and their families (minus one nephew) were able to make it. God provided snow for some of their time in Japan and they had a great break from the hot weather. They enjoyed the family time together, great food, local sights and cherry blossoms.

After a meeting with some Pwo Karen from a different area Richard was reminded of the reason why they are here living among the Pwo Karen. The Pwo Karen do not know God, they do not understand His Word and they do not believe in Him. Richard and Wendy have learned the Karen language and culture and their writing so that they can do Bible translation and write Bible lessons in order that the Karen can understand God and His Word.  Pray that through clear teaching and the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people, they would believe in God and become a part of His kingdom.  Not an earthly kingdom based on Satan’s deception and man’s ideas, but God’s eternal kingdom.

Richard and Wendy moved to the area where they now live so that they can develop relationships that reach deeper in to the people group.  Those relationships are developing, but some are easier than others. Some are quite complicated. Please pray for wisdom as they develop these relationships.  Pray for opportunities to talk about and challenge people’s worldviews.  Pray that they can clearly tell these people about God and give them His Word in their language.  Pray for opportunities to teach God’s Word, also that, they would respond in faith to the one true God.

Recently they made a trip up to a city to attend an event to honour and recognise Wendy’s Mum, Gwen, Wendy’s Aunt Betty and her co-worker, Karen. Gwen has been in Thailand now for 50 years.

Betty and Karen for 40 years. Two other families are leaving the field and they had a time of goodbyes for them as well. Karen is planning to retire and return to the USA in September. Gwen and Aunt Betty still do not have peace about what their future plans are. They would appreciate your prayers for clear guidance.