Deep rooted

Whilst waiting at the guesthouse Karin met two missionary ladies who serve among the Nagi people group. The Nagi people recently heard the final lesson from the Creation to Christ teaching and a church has been born. The two missionary ladies come and go each day from the guesthouse to the hospital. They are cooking meals to take with them and are helping with the communication between doctors and the parents of a sick child from the Nagi. They help hold the child still as they feed her and give injections as she has TB and other complications.
Animistic beliefs are deep rooted. If the child dies it will either confirm for the tribal folk that their animistic belief is true or it could surprise them all and make God’s truth all the more clearer. This sick child and her sister are the first ever set of twins to be kept alive in this people group. Pray for the child’s full healing and for spiritual protection for the Nagi believers.

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