Declaring the Gospel

Simon and Annika Flanagan will continue to work and teach at NTM’s, North Cotes College until the end of July. They are busy preparing to return to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in September this year. They are waiting on paperwork for their visas and work permits; they are speaking at churches every weekend. Pray for their paperwork to come through quickly as they cannot book plane tickets until they have them back.

Simon and Annika will be in N. Ireland at the beginning of August and then in Scotland for three weeks before flying to PNG via the USA to re-join their church planting work among the Mengen people. Pray for them as they travel around speaking at different churches over the next months. Lots of travel and great opportunities. Pray that they would find accommodation for their three weeks in Edinburgh.

Their five children Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah and Ethan are learning the trade language of PNG and are doing great – pray this will help them settle well. Karis will see her heart consultant whilst they are in Edinburgh. Pray that it goes well. Also, pray that they can source a good medical insurer who will cover them on the field as well as at home on home assignment. UK law has changed even for citizens.

Pray for the three Mengen churches, the 300 believers, and the Bible teachers to keep teaching, making disciples and proclaiming the Gospel! Simon and Annika look forward to teaming up with them again!