Death Brings About New Life…

Overall, the check went very well and there were only a few minor changes needed before it was printable. Fifty-nine percent of the New Testament is now ready to print having gone through the entire checking process. Another thirty percent of the New Testament has been drafted and Levi Lenz and co-worker Dan are gradually working through the various stages of the checking process. The final remaining book of the New Testament to be drafted into the language is the book of John (11% of the NT). In the initial stages of Bible lesson preparation 131 verses of John were previously completed. This week Levi has made a start on the remaining 748 verses.

The team are excited to see the major progress which has been made on the translation project thus far. Please continue to pray that the Lord will enable the team to see this project to completion. Pray that He will provide faithful helpers to help them finish the checking process. In addition, that God will raise up strong readers to be able to read the Word that is being put into their language.

In early November 2017 a dear Wahgi friend and believer died unexpectedly. At his funeral, others had the opportunity to hear the simple, un-perverted Gospel and to have a taste of what they were missing. This led to a number of people expressing an interest in hearing the Creation-to-Death, Burial, and Resurrection (Phase 1) teaching. The Lord challenged two men to join with the two Wahgi Bible teachers in teaching these lessons.

As a result of this latest outreach at least eight people have been born anew into the family of Christ.

Please continue to pray for the church to grow to maturity in Christ. We are excited to see new Bible teachers being trained up. The team are praying that some of them may one day be church leaders.

In December, Levi and Robyn’s daughter had three weeks of daily fevers; Krystiana was diagnosed with “fever of unknown origin”. After three rounds of antibiotics, her fevers stopped and her blood levels have returned to the “normal” range for the most part. Please pray that she will remain fever-free.

Thank you very much for your prayers, encouragement, and support. The Lenzes and Hulleys are very glad to have you as a part of the team.

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