Paul and Susan have been much reminded of the words of David in Psalm 31 who confidently said to the Lord “My times are in your hand”. Paul and Susan are thankful for the love, care and concern shown towards them as always and especially in recent weeks.
Paul has no pain and he is very well but please continue to pray that they can get the appendix removed in the UK at the right time with good recovery. Paul and Susan’s desire is to be able to return back to PNG within the next couple of months unless the Lord allows any other surprises in their lives!! Paul broke a tooth a few months ago in PNG and thankfully it never gave him any pain but he is now in the process of getting that fixed too with a crown.
Pray for Paul and Susan that they would not waste this time in England but be discerning as to how the Lord would have them continue in serving HIM and who they can be of help and encouragement to whether that be other believers or unbelievers who cross their paths.
Continue to pray for the Gende believers, for faithfulness and their growth in the Lord. Also pray for the young people and children, the new believers, the two Gende Bible teachers and for other men to be leading the others.
Pray that the door will stay open for Paul and Susan to go to village that they flew over in the helicopter earlier this year, to see if they had an interest in hearing God’s Word, so they can share the good news and start a literacy programme, even if the timing is a bit delayed. Paul and Susan heard recently that they have set aside a bit of land for them to build a small house on, to sleep in when they go over there.

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