Darkness to light

These ceremonies have unsettled the whole community and on Friday the numbers at the believers’ meeting was greatly reduced. People were tired or simply visited other villages to get away from the unsettling atmosphere.
Pray for Francois and Nadia as their three kids’ schooling has been a struggle this week; not only were they tired, but there also is oppression and a darkness that makes normal and simple tasks unusually difficult. The transition of home schooling three teenagers going into their senior school phase is challenging for all of them. The workload is much more! Please pray for Franco, Heidi and Waldo. Pray for their protection. Great is He that is in us than he that is in the world. And please pray for their neighbour’s radical conversion to the kingdom of Light. She and most of her children are in such darkness. Her husband and eldest son are all believers and took a public stand opposing such a ceremony. However, one of the consequences of the Mwinika’s matrilineal system is that the men of a family do not have any direct influence or say in their wife and children’s lives.
Prayer has been answered for a believer and his wife who separated while Francois and Nadia were away. The good news is that they are together again! He testified recently: “If it wasn’t for God and what we have learned from his Word, we would never have been reconciled.” Praise the Lord for this miracle!
Francois and Nadia were able to visit the Mwinika missionary couple who have just started two more literacy classes. Pray for these missionaries as they pastor the small group of new believers in two locations. Pray for their protection.
Francois was able to facilitate the missionaries in a small business venture managing a fishing boat and net with a crew. This will supplement his income as the Mwinika church is not ready to fully support their missionary. From this income he will slowly pay for the boat and net. Pray for this venture! This will not only ensure an income, but also be a vehicle for the missionary to build relationships in the community leading to discipleship.
But, with more wealth come’s responsibility and a new set of challenges! The new access the Mwinika people have to the internet via smart phones is one of them. It opens up a whole new world to them with so many temptations! Pray for the men as there are very little social checks and balances to protect the community against this new threat.
Francois and his helpers have been working on Bible lessons for Ephesians. Francois says that the study of this book strengthened and blessed him so much! Pray for the Bible teachers that continue to present the lessons in four locations each week. Pray that the Truth will be crystal clear and communicated well. Pray for the four believers’ meetings per week in four villages.
Nadia and one of the believers has been working hard to stay ahead in the revision of the literacy material for the four literacy classes going on in different villages this year. It is such a blessing for them to see the people learning to read, so that they have access to God’s Word for themselves. Nadia’s co-worker Elin has an all women class; all illiterate! It is a huge challenge to teach these women to read and write. Many have learning difficulties and have never been to school. Elin and these eight women need prayer! Pray also for the literacy material development.
Nadia has started a women’s Bible study group as well as two Kids’ Club groups (one for the little ones and one for the older kids) per week. Both the women and the children sometimes find it hard to follow the teaching at the believers’ meetings and it is hoped that they will understand God and His Truths better through these separate studies. Praise God it is very well attended! Pray for each woman and child, that they may not only come to an understanding of who God really is, but that it will also be life changing for them!
Francois will be organising and taking part in several meetings in the near future. Pray for good meetings and clear guidance from the Lord.

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