Recently a cyclone passed over the island where the Mengen people live and they suffered a lot of damage. The Mengen believers are in good spirits but they are getting desperate for food. The food at their gardens is finished and they have to gather food from the jungle and hunt. The Mengen elders have said that they’ve never seen the likes of this storm and it doesn’t seem to want to end, even though the cyclone has gone past.
The believers asked Lourens and Marie for help, so they offered them whatever food was left in the missionaries’ houses, but the Mengen people don’t know how to cook it, and it will not offer much of a relief. The large Pande River is uncrossable as it’s like an ocean to them at the moment, so they cannot even get to neighbouring churches in other provinces.
Lourens and Marie’s co-workers are trying to communicate with the deputy governor of East New Britain Province and disaster relief coordinator, asking for help, but there have been no guarantees.
As a missionary team, they had decided to give the Mengen believers some space to be on their own for a period of time, and they have had it very hard these last months. The team encouraged the believers to continue to look to the Lord to part the waters, as it were. Please pray for them.
Back in South Africa on home assignment, Lourens and Marie’s children are going on with home schooling, Lourens is busy with translating introductions for the New Testament books in Mengen and Marie is running the household and keeping them all in place.

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