Cyclone warning

Francois and Nadia Hattingh with Franco, Heide-Mari and Waldo heard about the heavy rains in their region, but experiencing it first-hand on their way home from South Africa was quite something! They think this every year, but this time in one place there was only a huge dam where the road once was…this road that links their area with the rest of the country.
Also they have received a cyclone warning. The cyclone already passed through the northern region of the country and the damage there sounds extensive. Pray with them that the cyclone will lose its intensity as it hits the coast again – right where they live. Pray too that their friends and neighbours – all in mud huts – will be safe.
Everyone is suffering with a bad flu and it was no surprise really when Francois caught it too! He is very sick with a fever, cough and sore throat. Franco and Waldo, have also developed fevers with these symptoms. Nadi a is trying to nurse all the sick guys with Heidi’s help – and keep up with the regular work and organising the staff and responsibilities that are usually Francois’s. Pray for the quick and full recovery of everyone and that Nadia and Heidi (not feeling 100% either) will not get (really) sick. Pray too for their guest from Tanzania – that despite all these challenges – his time with them will still be profitable.

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