Curriculum Development

Ragnar and Elizabeth are so thankful for how well the project is moving along – the 70 lessons in Phase 1 have all been rough drafted. Now comes the editing.
While working on the first phase, Ragnar studied and taught each lesson to the four men working with him. They listened and took notes, made an outline and filled it in. An introduction and conclusion was made for each lesson. Then one of the tribal men taught the lesson with Ragnar recording it. The lesson was then transcribed and a ‘Back to English’ translation was done to send to the consultants who check it for content and comprehension.
This is the ‘rough draft’. There is still a lot of editing to do before the lessons are ready to print, but praise the Lord with them for the process so far. They are excited about be moving on to the editing of these lessons. They are thankful that the two men who helped with the rough draft are continuing to work on the editing. Ragnar really enjoys discussing each lesson with these mature believers who are as excited about these lessons as they are.
Editing is more relaxing than preparing the original. Ragnar is basically back to a 11-12hr. work day now. They want the lessons to be clear and easy for the teachers to follow. So they will go over them each one to find phrases that need to be reworded, and note points that have been repeated, omitted, or not easily understood.
Ragnar and Elizabeth are thankful for your part in praying for this huge project. Keep praying, they both need it and appreciate it!

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