Critical, fun and busy

Simon and Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah and Ethan are way out in the jungle and far from town, living among the Mengen people of Papua New Guinea

They are at a critical, fun and busy stage of church growth. This is the first time the church has been taught 1 Corinthians as a whole body. They are currently teaching from the third chapter. Please pray that it will be a huge help to them, and address many issues in church life and function, helping them to be united as a body. Simon and Annika have been back in Mengen for eight months and have a better understanding of the maturity level, and needs of the church. There is a lot of potential for growth. Please pray that the believers lift their eyes off worldly desires and follow God’s road for resolving personal conflicts between families. Pray for unity and wisdom for Simon and Annika to walk this road with their brothers and sisters.

Praise God for:

A renewed hunger for God’s Word. Ladies and teenagers especially are asking for extra teaching and Bible study.

Four new men training as evangelists. Pray for three other men who are in training to be future church leaders. Pray for their wives as they are also entering Bible training on a part time basis. Simon and Annika are so thankful for these people being part of the team.

The team – Simon and Annika and children are the only ‘white skins’ but are functioning as a leadership team with the three Mengen families.

A young lady from Germany helping to home school their kids! This enables them to devote more time to building up the church.

The kids are doing great and school is going well! Keep praying for them.

They are seeing growth in the church and whilst there are challenges, God’s Word is bearing fruit.

Pray for:

Literacy: two classes, four days per week, with seventeen students. Literacy unlocks God’s Word and is the key to church growth and autonomy.

Those in training: trainee Bible teachers meet every Monday for teaching and training.


Pray for another Mengen church a day away from them that do not have any Bible teachers or missionaries with them. Pray for Simon and Annika as they support and teach them from a distance and strategise how they can better teach, train and disciple them.

They are seeking a home school teaching assistant or couple to be willing to live with them in the jungle and teach their kids for six months to a year.

Simon and Annika as they prepare for the NEW TESTAMENT Bible dedication in June 2020! For the first time the Mengen people will hold the completed NT in their own language!

Energy and endurance, the four-month stint has been draining both spiritually and physically. They are encouraged but ready for a break as they have given lots of their time to the church, which is very needy at present. Good problems!

Simon and Annika, functioning as a one-unit team, previously there were three families sharing the load of ministry and expenses.

Thank you so much for your prayers.