Crazy days

It started with one of the elders and his wife from their church in the USA meeting them in York for a wee sightseeing trip and a time to catch up. It was really good for Geoff and Dar Gail to get to know them a bit better and it was a really nice break from the everyday routine.
Next it was the youth conference ‘REACH’ and they had six young people from N. Ireland staying with them over the weekend. This was a great joy to Geoff and Dar Gail and an encouragement to see young men and women desiring to follow after Christ with their lives, and actively seeking what He has for them. Pray that the challenge will not be lost when they go home and God would continue to give them the desire to see the lost of the world reached.
As far as work goes, the grass is growing so Geoff is mowing. There is around 35 acres of grass, trees and hedges to look after and it’s a lot of work so we are very grateful for the help of the students to keep the place looking so good. Pray for safety and wisdom for Geoff as he works around the site and works with the work detail team.
Dar Gail passed the first stage of her British driving test. This allows her to move to the practical test in the near future. She had to do this as her American driving licence was only accepted for a year. Pray for this and also for their application for Dar Gail to change her visa status from a spouse visa to a ‘right to remain’ visa, giving them a more stable place from which to plan their future ministry.
Geoff and Dar Gail also ask for prayer for their friend Jill Gowan, as she recently retired from NTM. She started her career at North Cotes when Geoff started Bible college, and has helped him out a lot in the past with prayer letters, lifts to church, and more. She worked as a receptionist, prayer coordinator for the college and taught English classes for prospective students coming to Bible school. Jill has returned to N.Ireland to work her retirement away in various ministries. Please remember Jill as she transitions to a new phase of God’s plan for her.

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