Courageous or clueless?

Arthur and Mareike, with their two sons, are from Germany and are currently studying at North Cotes College. As their time of training there will end in July, they have many thoughts and questions about the future. They are thankful to have signed the rental contract for a flat which is also very close to their church for their year internship in Germany.

Here are just some of challenging realisations they are thinking about:

2,000,000,000 people worldwide have never heard the Gospel.

Why should we have the right to hear the Gospel every day, while others have never heard it once, with the consequence that they will be eternally lost?

If we humans are so upset by this huge unjust distribution, what must God think, who has given the church the clear commission to bring the Gospel to every nation and every language?

If God has given everything for us humans, isn’t my life the least that I owe HIM? Is there really any sacrifice which is too big compared to what Jesus did for me?

There is no more worthwhile life than a life lived completely for God and doing what He has told us to do. Why shouldn’t we aim for that?

What worries/reservations would you have if you went abroad with your family?

The other side of the coin is this:

The cost of doing missions among people who don’t have the slightest chance of hearing about Jesus is high! Standards of living are often much lower, career opportunities may be lost, safety and health concerns increase. With young children come many other concerns. Their boys LOVE their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. They really enjoy it every time they visit them, which has become rare during their time in England. Once they leave Europe, it will be even less – probably every four years. Their children will never grow up truly “German” and will never have the identity of the host country’s culture. They will always be caught between two cultures.

In other words, their biggest question as a family is not “which country are they going to”? But will they go or not? They need the “yes” as a whole family. They need prayer!

God’s promises in the Bible are also clear: Jesus’ assurance: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) is in the direct context of the Great Commission

Courageous or clueless? They have both been to Brazil, Peru, the USA, the Philippines, England, and Spain. That means they can evaluate some elements – but nothing that involves long-term stays over many years.

They need faith and trust in God. They need prayer! God has never let them down or disappointed them so far. Why should He do so in the future? That would be against His nature. But getting out of the boat and walking on the water requires permanent faith. It’s not a one-time thing. It must become a habit of life.

Pray for:

– Strength and energy for the many tasks and things that need to be planned (e.g. mission simulation and church internship in Germany from Sept. 2024).

– Guidance for the future. Wisdom and courage to make decisions.

– That their youngest son’s four teeth appear soon. He’s been teething for some time now and it’s bothering him quite a lot.

– A smooth transition back to Germany, especially for the boys.

– Their church to find suitable new rooms. The previous rental contract comes to an end in April next year.