Counting their blessings

At 85, Cherri’s mum still has a strong mind and a heart to serve the Lord, but a spine and joints that continue to decline, causing her pain and severe disabilities. Cherri’s dad often gets her mum from the nursing home and takes her to church. At 86, he is still able to live independently and drive to the nursing home twice a day. Barrie and Cherri are thankful for his godly example as a loving husband; encouraging, loving and serving her in whatever way he can.
Barrie and Cherri’s children love and serve the Lord despite sometimes difficult circumstances and trials they might not have chosen.
God has given Barrie health, strength and financial help to enable him to make many long ministry trips to Southeast Asia, and has given unity and joy in working with his co-workers in various countries. They thank God for a good visit to Singapore at the beginning of this month. Barrie fulfilled his commitment to teach the Pioneer Missions module of the Perspectives in World Missions course in two different venues. Barrie also connected with the NTM-Singapore team, appreciating again the faithfulness of this group as they pray and seek ways to be a blessing in Southeast Asia.

Most of all, Barrie and Cherri are thankful for their merciful God, for His amazing loving kindness in providing us the free gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ!

Pray for Cherri’s dad to have relief from his worsening back pain and Cherri’s mum’s neck and shoulder pain. Also pray that will stay well while Barrie and Cherri are in Sanford, Florida this month. Barrie will spend most of his time in meetings at NTM headquarters; Cherri will enjoy some family time.
Pray for Barrie and Cherri as they miss family members that are in other countries.

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