For Diana and her fellow 3C students all online classes are completed! The mission simulation is yet to take place in August, and she will be returning to North Cotes later this month.

During mission simulation, they will put into practice what they have learnt so far about acquiring a different language and culture, as well as how to serve and function in a team. Problems with fellow missionaries on a team is the number-one reason why missionaries leave their work and return home. Diana says, “It is really precious to be trained in this aspect as well; we are all sinners saved by grace and kept in God’s grace. How important it is to resolve a problem, forgive and forget!” For four weeks, under social distancing restrictions, the students are going to live in tents and have no access to the internet.

Directly after mission simulation, the linguistics course is planned to begin, the final year of missionary training at North Cotes! The intention of linguistics is to investigate and describe language systems.

Gaining a deep understanding and good language skills is vitally important in order to minister to people in their own language and to help working on a Bible translation. Languages show the ingenuity and creativity of our wonderful Creator God!

Pray that God may help Diana and her colleagues to love Him with all their heart, soul and mind.

Also, pray for wisdom for the leadership of the college and that all those on campus will stay healthy and that classes can continue. Diana is very thankful for your prayers.