Continuing to adjust

Jonathan and Rachel’s jobs on campus are going ahead okay and they continue to adjust to life in England! After living in the desert for so long, they really do appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons in England. At the weekend they will be in Norwich because they have been invited to an open day for people with grown up congenital heart defects, which is what Jonathan has and it could be helpful, especially as more symptoms come up. They will also be visiting with some of their supporters.
The following weekend they are looking forward to being involved with Reach and having their daughter Hannah with them. Hannah is in her second year of the three year nursing course at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.
Their son Thomas, and wife Jodi (and little Elias) are enjoying their courses at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.
Grant, their daughter Karis (and baby Alistair) continue to live, study and work in Branson, Missouri. Grant just has a few months left at College of the Ozarks, he works in a coffee shop and takes care of baby Alistair when Karis is at work. Karis works full-time as a night nurse.
Their son James is in his second year at College of the Ozarks in Missouri and is working on getting a degree in criminal justice and one in conservation and wildlife management.
Jack is still living at home and working hard at school. Sometimes he has to stay after school to catch up on course work that he missed from not being in England last year. He is hoping to stay on at the same school to do A-Levels. He has to get all A’s in the subjects that he wants to take. Pray for him as he misses Mexico a lot.

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