In their last update Christopher and Lilli Meyer with Linda and Silas, shared that their co-workers had started to teach the people chronologically through the Bible, in the Kaje village where they live.

The first phase of the Bible teaching ended on December 19th. Many people attended to hear God’s Word and did not grow weary. Almost everyone was there for the presentation of the Gospel lessons and many people really understood. There is still so much to learn about God, who He is, who we are in light of the Gospel – that’s of course not only true for the Kaje but also for us.

Once a week, those who are interested meet for Bible teaching and at another time, to review the previous Bible lesson. The people love it – and so do Christopher and Lilli. There are still a lot of people attending, but some families no longer seem interested and therefore do not attend anymore. Pray that God continues to work on the Kaje people’s hearts so they can also receive the gift of salvation.

Numerous people shared with Christopher and Lilli their joy about Jesus dying on the cross for their sin. They love seeing that so many people who have never had the chance to get any kind of education now have access to the most important message in the whole universe!

When they meet with the people to review the previous Bible lesson, men, women and children all get up to share. Some of them are terribly nervous, but they still want to do it. Their excitement is literally contagious!

Besides the Bible teaching there are of course other things going on, as well. Christopher and Lilli are still in the midst of culture and language acquisition. They had their second consultant visit three weeks ago and were very encouraged by that. With God’s help, they are making good progress.

Pray for the physical health of the missionary team and that God will give them joy, stamina and wisdom for their daily life.