Consulting and Covid

March was an interesting month for Eric and Judith Hedeen with Stephen, Daniel and Timothy who serve in Papua New Guinea. They had two orientation classes running at the same time. Eric and another consultant had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with a family who are living on an island with an active volcano while learning the language and culture of that people group. Thankfully, there were no eruptions during that time but they did have days full of evaluations and discussions concerning the ministry there.

Once Eric returned from that trip, the family planned to travel to the Sepik for the annual conference but this was not possible due to Covid travel restrictions.

One of the other side effects of an increase in Covid cases is that the centre where they are living is in a bit of a lock-down. They are not stuck in their houses per se but some things are not functioning as normal. For instance, the orientation programme that they work with is currently on hold for several reasons. Eric and Judith hope that this will not last for long though and they are trusting the Lord with the circumstances. Pray for the current two orientation classes to be able to complete these courses soon.

Pray for wisdom for both the government as well as the mission leadership as they seek to make wise decisions related to Covid in PNG.

Eric and Judith are thankful that as a family they experience good health. The boys are currently on a planned break from school but are not quite as free to roam as they normally would be. One more term left.

Pray for Eric as he has a lot of work to do reading through the entire Malaumanda New Testament manuscript, which is the final stage of this pre-printing project.

Pray for Judith as she is still working part time in the clinic.

Pray for a Malaumanda elder and another man from the tribe as they are stuck out in town because of travel restrictions.