This year April means Easter, and Easter means the Awa believers conference is coming!

The Awa church in Ecuador hosts a conference over Easter weekend, to provide an alternative joyous celebration of Jesus not only dying for our sins, but rising to bring us new life. Even the kids worked hard to prepare for conference. A church workday meant the place was cleaned up and is ready for the conference. The ladies arrived with machetes and were excited to manage the lawn. The church was also cleaned, and some extra building supplies were stored away.

Pray for Andy and Chrissy Shaub and the team as they take some time this week to plan for this conference. Last year there was record attendance of 90-130 people each day. They would like it to be a time of sweet fellowship for believers, and it often has an evangelistic flavour as many unbelievers come to enjoy the food and friendship.

PRAY for:
• The Awa Believers’ Conference, as they plan as a team.
• The ongoing Bible Study – for the 36 young people enrolled to grow in their understanding of God and His Word
• The Sunday school class attendance has increased to a combined attendance in the two churches from around 40 to 55 – 60 children. It is becoming a lot for Chrissy and her co-worker to juggle along with the simultaneous Bible Study groups.

• In spite of heavy rainfall and many landslides, they have been able to travel when necessary
• Their truck engine was rebuilt super quick and is functioning well
• Andy and Chrissy are experiencing improving health
• A lady regularly helps with language learning, and listens eagerly to God’s Word.
• They got a good start back into discourse analysis study. Pray that it can continue.