Paul and Cathy Wright are thankful to all who have been praying for the men in their village who have been training and teaching Bible lessons.
The men are now beginning to teach 1 Thessalonians and Paul and Cathy are thrilled to see them not just studying but being affected by what they are reading for the first time. Please pray that their lives will be speak as loud as their words.
This year the missionary team plan to train and challenge the believers about personal evangelism. Please pray for the believers to really catch the need, burden and desire to share the Good News with others for the glory of God.
Paul and Cathy have had some real disappointments and discouragements, but God has also been at work in hearts here over the past year and He’s been good to give them little encouragements along the way; through the believers in their village, some visitors from home and from their church in Manila.
In October, a Bible teacher and his family from their church in Manila visited them and held a conference on ‘Faithfulness’. They spoke plainly, addressing many of the issues holding the church back and the struggles of the believers. It was also a joy for them to have new believers from other NTM tribal works join with them too. This fellowship is important so that the believers realise that there are others like them and they learn to serve others too!
Paul and Cathy had previously asked for prayer for some people who were holding back from fully committing to the Lord by not being baptised. Recently, five believers witnessed to everyone by being baptised at the beach. It was also great for Paul and Cathy to step back and see the believers doing the baptising!
Land all around the area where Paul and Cathy serve is being bought to eventually develop for tourism. Land may need to be purchased to provide stability for the believers in the area to meet together.
Please pray for the safety for the Wrights as a family as they move around while sticking out like a sore thumb due to their pale skin and light coloured hair. There have been some issues on the island over the past year and other current threats.
Continue to pray for Paul and Cathy to know what is next for them if indeed their time in this work is coming to an end and the decisions which will need to be made soon.

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