Comfort zone

This time last year Gemma sent an enquiry email to NTM and now she is an Associate teaching in PNG.
Despite her best attempts to peer into the future, Gemma could not envision the journey her Saviour would take her on. With the benefit of hindsight, she looks back in amazement at His faithful hand guiding her to this location in the world and the blessings He has bestowed on her.
Recently Gemma was teaching on Australian government (again, far outside her comfort zone) and creating a mock election. With Australia’s compulsory voting she was explaining that all had to be enrolled. As a preliminary activity (or so she thought), Gemma gave them a sample enrolment form which required basic details. Within two minutes, the preliminary activity spiralled into the main lesson. It turns out the term ‘surname’ is virtually unknown outside Britain. Until Gemma figured out that she needed to use the term ‘family name,’ it appeared that twenty two children did not know their last name! The next detail needed was ‘Date of Birth’ where a further ten minutes was needed to ensure everyone was starting with the day, rather than the month for the Commonwealth form. It didn’t end there, soon after, nationality was required. The dual nationality children, most of them born in neither of those countries, were lost as to how to record their rich cultural past, and Gemma wasn’t much better!
Gemma is thankful for an excellent Term 3, which wraps up in two weeks for the Easter break and for strength and health to continue to teach when a quarter of the school suffered from fevers and strep throat. Pray that God will give Gemma insight as she travels to a bush location during the break.
Also pray for wisdom as Gemma plans the final term for Grade 5 and for more support missionaries to join the team. In particular there is a need for a Science, Maths and PE teacher for the secondary school.
God keeps His promises. They do not falter or fail. Obedience causes us to claim and have confidence in His promises. Pray that Gemma would continue to be obedient.
As the tiredness of the 7.30am school starts began to kick in, Gemma has claimed, ‘My strength is made perfect in weakness.’ When homesickness hovered, and the time difference meant that ringing home would be selfish on her part, she rested in Him.
As Gemma reflects on the journey from that preliminary email to where she now sits in the outermost parts of the world, she concludes that obedience brings joy and He is worth it.

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