Combined Ladies Day

Since their languages are quite different, they communicate in the trade language, Ilocono. Elizabeth was able to follow along in Ilocono, since it is related to Kankana-ey.
These ladies have a lot in common: their features are basically the same – beautiful tanned skin and brown eyes and black hair, they grew up in a tribal village in the mountains where they ate rice three times a day, they have relocated to the big city, they have the same mind set and they have learned to express themselves in the trade language.
Elizabeth, on the other hand, has white skin, blond hair and blue eyes, cannot communicate in the trade language and grew up in a small community by the sea where she ate potatoes every day.
Nevertheless, it is amazing as sisters in Christ that these things are not important. Their love for God and desire to grow to be more like Him binds them all together and thus they can focus on more important things!

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