Alessandro Parrillo’s trip to the village in West Africa (where he served with his family before taking on a new role within the mission) went well. He was able to greet people there, have a good time with their co-workers and bring a vehicle load of things back to the city where he and his family now live. The vehicle needed more work than was anticipated but after a lengthy visit at the mechanic’s, it is running well.

Alessandro and Chantal would appreciate your prayers as they prepare to travel back to the village as a family in a few days’ time. There is lots to do to prepare, and the trip is about a twelve-hour drive each way, with a border crossing. The last part of the trip being on rough roads made worse by a very wet rainy season. They plan to spend a week in the village. Please pray for them as they travel, connect with people in the village, pack up their belongings and close their time of ministry there. It is likely to be very demanding physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so they appreciate the prayers! As a family, they are looking forward to returning to the village to spend some time with their friends, including their co-workers, as well as to bringing some closure after their hasty departure in 2020 due to health issues and the pandemic.

Alessandro and Chantal would also appreciate your continued prayers that God will provide a good solution for their kids’ transportation to and from school. The present arrangement makes it a very long day for them.