Cleared to teach

Philip and Vina had a consultants visit scheduled in September last year but unfortunately their consultant landed in hospital with both dengue and typhoid fever two days before he was due to fly to Agutaya. Therefore, as you can imagine it was a very big deal to finally have the visit happen.

NTM church planters are required to be assessed by language consultants and achieve a level of proficiency in language and culture before they are cleared to teach in the tribal language. This takes years of work as the missionary must use the national language to acquire the tribal language and live amongst the people to study their culture.

Philip has reached proficiency and is cleared to teach! This is a pretty big deal as it’s a big step closer to finally bringing the Gospel to the people they have grown to love on Agutaya.

Now they begin the process of putting together the more than 70 lessons that will be taught in the phase 1 teaching. The lessons will be written with the Agutaynen people in mind. A lot of thought has to be put into the examples and explanations and skits (dramas) that they will use.

Philip and Vina have so much to consider and decide and they covet your prayers as they enter this next phase in their ministry.

They are thankful to those who have lifted them in prayer and supported them in the Lord’s work on Agutaya! They are so excited to take the next step forward with you all.

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